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Following the success of our 2016 Signature Project, FEED THE HUNGER – FEED THE MIND, your Foundation is expanding the reach of the 2017 Signature Project to include helping homeless children in our community. The new project is called NEST – Nutrition, Education, ShelTer…for the Children. Imagine holding your hands together, forming a supportive nest for at-risk children. Your nest will provide nutritious food, early literacy training, and the security of a roof overhead. These are basic necessities for children to grow and learn. Without these three life essentials, many children would struggle to reach their potential to become productive, valued members of society.

Commodore Kerry Carper says “There are 450 known homeless school-age children in South Sarasota County. That number probably doubles when younger siblings and others under the radar are considered. These children may live in cars, make-shift shelters or temporary housing. They do not have the comfort of knowing permanency in their lives. They need our help.”

Our Foundation will partner with local charities devoted to helping those in need of shelter, in addition to charities focused on childhood hunger and literacy. More information will be provided in the April Currents and in talks around the Club.

Our Foundation Committee has expanded. These Club members have already devoted much time to ensure your donations are used wisely. Please thank them for their work on the Foundation when you see them at the Club.

The Committee is pleased to announce its revised spending policy. Now, 90% of your donations will be granted to local charities every 6 months. The remaining 10% will be held in our endowment fund to provide a consistent level of support to the community in rough economic environments, when donations may be lower and needs greater. Please mark your calendars for Thursday, April 27, for “Jazz Under the Stars.” This sponsored event was very successful last year. We enjoyed wonderful jazz not normally heard at the Club and a unique small bites menu prepared by Chef Josh. This is a Foundation awareness event; only a small voluntary donation is suggested.

VYCCF Committee: Michael Nemser--Chair, Don Healy--Vice Chair, Jim O'Donnell--Treasurer, Commodore Kerry Carper--Board Rep, Cindy Abbot, Lloyd Abbot, Joan Bowen, Bill Bowen, Kevin Collins, P/C Jim DeNiro, P/C Joe Dombrowski, P/C Merle Graser, Barbara Isaacson, Virginia LaPlante, Warren Major, Paul Nasipak, Beth Piel and Dave Slaman

updated: March 2017 Currents


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