About the Venice Yacht Club

A Brief History

VYC About Us

The founders and first members of the VYC were sailors who wearied of the drive to and from Sarasota to sail in the Gulf. After sailing and returning to Venice, they gathered at the Happy Days Restaurant in the Tarpon Center Resort (a fishing camp) where the Jetty Villas are today.

There, these sailors wrote the words for a charter application to the State of Florida to create a sailing and boating club in Venice.

The charter was granted in early 1951. The early members held meetings and social events in a separate room at the "resort." Thrilled to have received the charter, they wanted to live up to the words they had written in the third plank of the charter, describing one of the Club’s purposes: "To encourage the education of young people in the community in the science of navigation, the art of sailing and small boat handling by the sponsoring of a pram squadron, and/or other sailing and power boat squadrons as are approved by the Board of Directors."

With the charter granted, Sidney Schroeder and Vernon Mason and other VYC charter members immediately decided that the Club would provide sailing lessons to boys and girls from the Venice area in accordance with those words of the charter. Boats designed for youngsters were required.

written by P/C Shaun Graser