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Venice Yacht Club Charitable Foundation

Over 50% of students in our community are on food assistance, their families unable to provide them 3 meals a day. The problem is particularly acute in the summer when many students are unable to receive meals from schools or local food banks. In addition, 30% of third grade students in our community cannot read at grade level and 60% of children, third grade and below do not have age appropriate books in their home. These statistics imply that a large portion of youth in our community will struggle to reach their potential due to a lack of nutritional and educational support.

We are excited to announce our FY 2016 Signature Project, FEED THE HUNGER, FEED THE MIND, a two pronged project aimed at providing children and families at risk nutritional meals and literacy assistance, particularly during the summer months when the lack of support results in a regression of skills. We have set a FY 2016 goal to raise $100,000 and to receive contributions from 25 first-time donors to support this effort. More details on this project, FEED THE HUNGER, FEED THE MIND, will be provided in the coming weeks. We appreciate the continuing support of our VYC members.